Maestrini s.r.l.
Maestrini s.r.l.
Maestrini s.r.l.
Maestrini s.r.l.


Maestrini s.r.l.
Maestrini s.r.l.

Photovoltaic power system


“The best fitting on the market, supplied in the shortest time”

Since always this is the main aim of Mr Giulio Maestrini, founder of the company Maestrini s.r.l., and since the far 1964, year of the foundation, each decision has been taken by him with this idea well clear in his mind.

Today the company presents very marked distinct characteristics such as a strong propensity to invest, a particular care to the quality, a continual search of new solutions and last, but not least, much flexibility.

Our customers can find a product of high quality, always available in a short time and, if they have particular requirements, a technical office of design thanks to which we are able to pass from an idea to a finished piece in a time that you would hardly believe possible.

But, as Mr Maestrini always says:
“our customers, going on to prefer us, have allowed us to make the right investments, to continue growing and upgrading to keep up with their expectations!
To all of them we give therefore our most sincere thanks!”


Year of foundation, it is an artisan business looking at the market of Piedmont as a threaded brass fittings constructor, the range of products is very narrow and the seat is in Quarona on a covered area of only 150 square meters.

The company sells goods all over Italy and has representative agents, during this year the firm moves to the seat of property in Borgosesia, the factory is of 300 square meters. Purchase of the first tranfert machine.

It is built a small extension of 200 square meters for a total area of 500 square meters., in these years the company starts producing a line of fittings for the pleasure crafts industry, it is still an artisan business producing an excellent product in a moderate range.

It is the year of the turning point, Mr Giulio can avail himself of the help of his children Ivan and Manuela, the company provides itself of a marketing structure and starts introducing itself abroad, the production speeds up with the use of high productive automatic machines, the first CNC lathe comes.

Ivan introduces the CAD/CAM, all the tools are constructed inside the factory.

A further extension of 300 square meters allows to reach 800 square meters of covered area, but the factory is in a too narrow space.

At last the move to an appropriate environment, the company buys a building of 4000 square meters, now the production can develop appropriately.

The production Maestrini is certified ISO 9001

The new block of the offices has been built, the company reaches 6000 square meters, has more than 20 employees, it is highly authomized and export more than the 50% of its production.

A new factory of about 1000 square meters has been bought reaching a total area of 7000 square meters.

To take care of the image of the company and to enhance the value of the building, the external paving has been remade.
Moreover, a weighing – machine for lorries,with a capacity up to 450 quintals, has been buried into the ground.
In order to reduce the CO2 in the environment, we made a covering of 3500 square meters with photo-voltaic (max 200 kw).

We bought a furnace to bake the brass in order to guarantee a higher resistance to corrosion.

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DVGW Product Certification

Brass and CR-Brass threaded fittings certified by DVGW for gas and drinking water installations

Maestrini s.r.l.
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